Foundation Directory Online (FDO) makes you more efficient than ever by combining the social sector’s most powerful search capabilities with FDO’s new Workspace and its cloud-based suite of prospect assessment and management tools.

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Assess funders and simplify the prospecting process.

Go from search results to funding with FDO’s Workspace, a cloud-based prospect manager. After you perform your searches with FDO, use the new assessment tool in Workspace to decide which grantmakers to pursue and to manage the prospecting process. In one convenient dashboard, set up project folders to stay organized, track grants, manage contacts and tasks, and build your institutional memory. With the time you save, build relationships with funders!

Features include:

  • Assessment Tool: Guides you through step-by-step evaluation to see if a funder is a good match for your project
  • Dashboard: View a snapshot of your current foundation fundraising and prospecting work with information on upcoming tasks, recent notes, and communications
  • Grant Overview: See all details related to a grant request including a description of the grant, the associated project, financial information, and any additional information
  • Prospect Overview: See your comprehensive history with a funder, including current and historical grant requests, amounts awarded, associated projects, communication and contacts, and notes
  • Tasks: Manage any items needed to secure a grant; assign tasks, manage deadlines, track progress, and write comments
  • Prospect List: See your overall funding history including total grants awarded and open grant requests for each prospect
  • Address Book: Manage your relationships with funders by accessing their contact information and tracking your communication history
  • Projects: Manage funding by viewing all grant requests, prospects, contacts, and notes associated with a project
  • Notes: Manage notes related to a grant request and link all communications by contact

Grantmaker Profiles

Information about foundations and other grantmakers.

Easily access accurate, comprehensive grantmaker profiles that have been verified, coded, and sorted by funding areas so you can quickly determine the relevant ones for you. The majority of these grantmakers do not have websites and would otherwise be almost impossible to find.

With information on more than 140,000 grantmakers, FDO can help you find the funders you don’t know yet.

The data in Foundation Directory Online is compiled from IRS Forms 990 and 990-PF, grantmaker websites, annual reports, printed application guidelines, the philanthropic press, and various other sources. In all, Foundation Center's editorial staff continually monitors more than 35 diverse sources to verify that our databases are up-to-date.

Our team is also in frequent communication with grantmakers nationwide through telephone calls, surveys, and electronic reporting so we can quickly add new data to FDO without having to wait for the IRS to release the latest Forms 990.

Grantmaker Profiles include:

  • Independent foundations
  • Company-sponsored foundations
  • Independent foundations
  • Operating foundations
  • Corporate giving programs
  • Public charities
  • Non-U.S. foundations

Grant Information

Insights into previously awarded grants.

Detailed grant information, including recipients, descriptions, and types of support, helps you determine which funders are most likely to fund your work, how much to request, and what to highlight in a grant proposal.

This data helps you better understand a foundation and its giving priorities and helps answer questions such as:

  • What kinds of organizations does the foundation give to?
  • How much funding goes to organizations like yours?
  • How can you stand out? Which areas of your organization should you highlight and what weaknesses can you pre-emptively address?

Maps and Charts

A better perspective on foundation activity.

Quickly identify giving trends to see if a grantmaker is likely to give in your geographic area or in your field in the upcoming year.

  • The Map Grants tool, especially useful for finding national and regional funders, shows the geographic distribution of a grantmaker’s funding at different levels, such as state, county, or city, so you can decide how likely they are to fund you.
  • The Chart Grants tool gives you a quick visual reference of a grantmaker’s giving activity by year and subject area so you can see their actual giving, rather than areas in which they only show interest. If a funder gives grants in 10 different program areas, chances are that funding is not distributed evenly.

Key Decision Makers and Leaders

A who’s who of people you need to know.

Learn the names of people and companies that serve as board members, trustees, and donors, so you can plan and build the relationships that will be most useful for your organization.

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