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Welcome to Help. The major topics listed below will take you to subtopics that answer your questions about Foundation Directory Online.


Provides general information about the Foundation Center, Foundation Directory Online, and this Help file and includes contact information, a glossary of commonly used funding terms, and our Subscriber Agreement and Security Statement.

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Getting Started

This section provides you with answers to any preliminary questions you might have regarding first-time use. It explains system requirements, addresses logging in and out, and provides information on supplementing your research with the Foundation Center's web site.

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Using FDO

Foundation Directory Online is the most comprehensive resource available for online funding research, yet it takes very little time to master. This section contains information on each screen and its associated features and descriptions of the content of FDO's records.

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Searching - Basic

This section introduces new users to basic search functionality. Once you're comfortable with these fundamental techniques, see the Searching — Advanced section for information on conducting more complex searches.

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Searching - Advanced

This section provides an overview of advanced search techniques, including Boolean and wildcard searching. These techniques will help you quickly and efficiently access the information you're looking for.

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Search Tutorial

This section contains sample searches to get you up to speed quickly. The samples begin with basic index, range, and keyword searches and progress to more complex searches involving multiple search fields and using Boolean operators and wildcard characters.

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My FDO enables you to access and manage your tagged grantmaker, company, and grant records; manage and load your saved grantmaker, company, grant, and 990 searches; and manage your grantmaker alerts.

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Update Central

Explains how Professional subscribers can view summaries of recent additions and updates to our grantmaker database and build customized reports for more detail.

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Your Account

You can update your user profile, change your password, upgrade your subscription, and control other account features within your account area.

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Workspace is a suite of features that helps you manage your funding prospects and the overall grant application process. This sections provides answers to all questions relating to using Workspace.

Workspace FAQs

Working with FDO Search Terms

This section provides you with FAQs on using FDO's search taxonomy; access to a searchable microsite with complete information on how Foundation Center classifies grantmakers, grants, and recipient organizations; and PDF lists of FDO search terms.

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