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The Raymond John Wean Foundation


Last profile update: 10/28/2017
Last grant data update: 01/11/2018

At A Glance

The Raymond John Wean Foundation

147 W. Market St.

Warren, OH United States 44481-1022

Telephone: (330) 394-5600


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation

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Established in 1949 in OH - Since 1949, the foundation has made over $90 million in grants to a broad variety of nonprofit organizations. Over the years, it has evolved from a small, board-managed organization with informal grant making procedures to a strategic and proactive professionally-staffed foundation. Inventive and enterprising industrialist Raymond John Wean established the foundation in Warren, Ohio in 1949. Having achieved success in the flat rolled steel processing industry, Wean created a foundation that would serve the communities in which he had achieved his success. Through the years, the Wean family remained highly engaged with the foundation's board. Jack Wean served as acting chairman of the foundation until the time of his death in 1980. His wife, Sara R. Wean, continued his legacy and served on the board until her death in 1986. Jack and Sara's son, Raymond John Wean, Jr., continued the family's mission. As an original board member of the foundation since its creation in 1949, he served as chairman until his death in 2006. Today, Gordon B. Wean, a third generation member of the Wean family, serves as chairman of the foundation. More recently, new initiatives and a tailored focus have shifted the foundation's processes and grant making during the years. In February 2006, the foundation hired PolicyLink to assist with refinining the foundation's strategic focus. PolicyLink is a national research and action institute that works collaboratively to develop and implement local, state, and federal policies to achieve economic and social equity. Over nine months of interviews and visits, PolicyLink produced a report, "A Community Building Philanthropic Initiative to Strengthen the Mahoning Valley." The report presented recommendations to the foundation on the focus, approach, and structure of a philanthropic initiative that will support the equitable renewal of the Mahoning Valley and expand economic and social opportunities for its residents. The foundation is in the process of implementing the report. The foundation annually grants approximately $4 million. Those funds were earmarked for nonprofits in Mahoning and Trumbull Counties. Through these efforts, the foundation continues to enhance the community's well-being and vitality through grant making, convening, advocating, and providing leadership. The grantmaker is a signatory to Philanthropy’s Promise, an initiative of the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy (NCRP). By signing on, the grantmaker has committed to allocating the majority of its grantmaking dollars to marginalized communities and at least 25 percent to social justice strategies, such as advocacy, community organizing, and civic engagement

Purpose and Activities

To enhance community well-being and vitality in the Mahoning Valley through strategic grant making intended to support people living in the Valley's economically disadvantaged communities and neighborhoods in adherence to the following principles: to explore new innovative approaches to addressing issues, to seek inclusion and broad community involvement; to build on the considerable assets of the Mahoning Valley; to strive for equity and support social justice; to leverage additional resources, partners and ideas; to support the development of human assets and capital; to cultivate leadership in the community; and to provide support to people and communities which are often overlooked or insufficiently funded.