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Wallace Genetic Foundation, Inc.


Last profile update: 04/12/2017
Last grant data update: 08/29/2017

At A Glance

Wallace Genetic Foundation, Inc.

4910 Massachusetts Ave., N.W., Ste. 221

Washington, DC United States 20016-4368

Telephone: (202) 966-2932


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation

Additional Descriptor






Incorporated in 1959 in NY - Founded by the late Henry A. Wallace, a businessman who developed the first commercial hybrid seed company. He served as the Secretary of Agriculture and later as Vice-President of the United States during the Franklin D. Roosevelt administration. Committed to serving the general welfare, Henry A. Wallace's life exemplified farsightedness, global vision, and receptivity to new ideas. He was keenly interested in scientific innovation as a force to enhance human well-being and had an abiding faith in the individual's spirit and capacity to bring about sound and just social change. In 1996, the three trustees of the foundation agreed to split the original foundation into three separate foundations: The Wallace Genetic Foundation, Wallace Global Fund, and Wallace Research Fund

Purpose and Activities

Areas of interest are: sustainable agriculture, protection of farmland near cities, conservation of natural resources, biodiversity protection, reduction of environmental toxins, and global climate issues.