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The Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Foundation


Last profile update: 04/16/2018
Last grant data update: 05/15/2018

At A Glance

The Elisabeth Severance Prentiss Foundation

1900 E. 9th St., M.S.: B7-YB13-03-1

Cleveland, OH United States 44114-3404


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation






Trust established in 1944 in OH - Mrs. Prentiss was the widow of Francis Fleury Prentiss, a Cleveland industrialist who was also president and director of Saint Luke's Hospital. Mrs. Prentiss's first husband, Dudley Peter Allen, was a surgeon and professor of surgery at Western Reserve University. He died in 1915. The trust's funding instrument specified that most of the foundation's activities must be carried on in Ohio. In 1965, the Luther L. and Kate W. Miller Fund was added to the foundation. Other funds established by Mrs. Prentiss and currently held in trust by the National City Bank will be added to the foundation's assets when certain specified life interests have terminated

Purpose and Activities

Support primarily for the following five objectives: 1) to promote medical and surgical research and to assist in the acquisition, advancement and dissemination of knowledge of medicine and surgery, and of means to maintain health; 2) to promote public health; 3) to aid hospitals and health institutions in Cuyahoga County, OH, that are organized and operated exclusively for public charitable purposes by contributions for capital improvements or equipment, purchase of rare and expensive drugs, and expenses of operation or maintenance; 4) to improve methods of hospital management and administration; and 5) to aid in establishment and support of plans and programs designed to make hospital and medical care available to all, especially those of low-income.