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The Meadows Foundation, Inc.


Last Updated: 2016-05-11

At A Glance

The Meadows Foundation, Inc.

Wilson Historic District, 3003 Swiss Ave.

Dallas, TX United States 75204-6049

Telephone: (214) 826-9431


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation

Additional Descriptor

  • Family foundation

Financial Data

(yr. ended 2014-12-31)

Assets: $712,449,077

Total giving: $25,214,769





Additional Contact Information

Additional tel.: (800) 826-9431


Incorporated in 1948 in TX - The Meadows Foundation is a private philanthropic institution established by Algur H. and Virginia Meadows to benefit the people of Texas. Algur Meadows built General American Oil Company of Texas into one of the nation's most successful independent oil and gas production companies. Believing that his own life was greatly enriched by giving, Meadows generously shared his wealth with many charitable causes benefiting the people of the state that had been so kind to him. Wishing to share the joy of giving with their extended family, both living and yet unborn, Algur and Virginia Meadows established The Meadows Foundation so that their philanthropy would continue in perpetuity, under the guidance and direction of family members and trusted advisors. Since its inception, the foundation's assets have grown to a current value in excess of $974 million, and it has disbursed over $610 million in grants and direct charitable expenditures to over 2,900 Texas institutions and agencies. The Meadows Foundation has received numerous awards for both its philanthropy and its management. It was the first recipient of the Texas Medal of the Arts for sustained support of arts and culture in Texas, and was named Outstanding Foundation for the year by the National Society of Fund Raising Executives

Purpose and Activities

The foundation strives to exemplify the principles of its founder in addressing basic human needs by working toward the elimination of ignorance, hopelessness and suffering, protecting the environment, providing cultural enrichment, encouraging excellence and promoting understanding and cooperation among people. It exists to assist people and institutions of Texas improve the quality and circumstances of life for themselves and future generations.

Program Area(s)

The grantmaker has identified the following area(s) of interest:

Arts and Culture

The directors of the foundation Algur H. Meadows created carry on his dedication to nurturing and uplifting the people of Texas through support of a variety of arts and cultural programs throughout Texas.

Charitable Schools Program

The foundation seeks to encourage and support community service activities of Dallas-area high school and middle school students. Schools that commit to community service projects will receive a $500 grant to support their efforts. All grant awards must be used for a charitable purpose within their own school or donated to a qualified Texas charity, 501(c)(3) organization, in accordance with the foundation's charter. The program's objectives are to: 1) Encourage youth volunteerism by middle and high school students; 2) Increase students' knowledge of their community by encouraging interaction with their beneficiaries-- agencies or individuals-- and the benefits realized by both the students and beneficiaries; and 3) Develop leadership skills among students and maximize their knowledge of community needs and the service agencies and programs involved in meeting those needs.

Civic and Public Affairs

The program seeks to assist communities in developing leadership talent, promoting civic/public collaboration, and improving processes and infrastructures for delivery of services to all residents. It is also deeply committed to supporting environmental programs focused on preserving a sustainable supply of clean water, improving air quality, promoting sustainable energy, protecting the state's plants and wildlife through land and habitat conservation, and developing a culture of public and political support for protecting environmental resources. Additional information regarding the foundation's environmental funding can be found in The Meadows Foundation Strategic Plan for the Environment.


Grantmaking in this area is targeted at helping students succeed in the early years and throughout K-16, improving poor performing schools, ensuring fewer dropouts, closing achievement gaps, and developing teachers and administrators necessary to meet these objectives. Education grantmaking also targets increasing school enrollment and completion rates in the state's colleges and universities. Additional information regarding the foundation's education grantmaking can be found in The Meadows Foundation Strategic Plan for Education.


Grantmaking in this area is for programs that provide prenatal care for expectant mothers, childhood immunizations and pediatric care, specialized care for the elderly, and overall assistance to help Texans lead healthier lives. In addition, grantmaking is intended to help people deal daily with the impact of emotional and mental health issues, particularly in the wake of life-altering traumatic events. The Meadows Foundation Strategic Plan for Mental Health (2011 -2020) provides a detailed look at where its grantmaking is targeted, specifically in the areas of direct services, mental health workforce, and mental health research and advocacy.

Human Services

Grants are made to nonprofit organizations and programs on the frontline of providing human services.

Matching Grants Program

The foundation matches individual philanthropic gifts of foundation board, staff, and committee members to nonprofit agencies.

Program-Related Investment

Historically, the foundation has made PRIs in the form of loans for the acquisition and restoration of distressed Victorian homes located in downtown Dallas and conversion of those properties into office space for the nonprofit community. A second wave of PRI making involved revitalizing the surrounding neighborhood by purchasing, renovating, and constructing 12 additional buildings, as well as supporting loan funds for affordable housing and microenterprise development, to support a food bank, to revitalize properties in other parts of Texas, and to provide interim financing.

The Wilson Historic District

The Wilson Historic District is a nonprofit community owned and operated by the foundation. The District was established in 1981 with a two-fold objective to restore and preserve some of the last Victorian structures in the city and to create a community of nonprofit agencies working collaboratively with one another in rent-free office space. Today, the District encompasses 22 acres and provides homes for 39 nonprofit agencies in restored homes and new construction.

Fields of Interest

  • Addiction services
  • Adult education
  • Agriculture
  • Alcoholism
  • Architecture
  • Arts and culture
  • Biodiversity
  • Child abuse
  • Child development
  • Child educational development
  • Child welfare
  • Communication media
  • Community and economic development
  • Dental care
  • Disasters and emergency management
  • Diversity and intergroup relations
  • Domestic violence
  • Early childhood education
  • Education
  • Elder abuse
  • Employment
  • Environment
  • Family services
  • Health
  • High school equivalency
  • Historic preservation
  • History
  • Homeless services
  • Homeless shelters
  • Hospice care
  • Housing development
  • Housing for the homeless
  • Human services
  • Humanities
  • Leadership development
  • Libraries
  • Medical education
  • Mental health care
  • Museums
  • Natural resources
  • Nursing care
  • Nutrition
  • Public affairs
  • Public transportation
  • Public works
  • Reading promotion
  • Rehabilitation
  • Rural development
  • Senior services
  • Sports and recreation
  • Urban development
  • Voluntarism
  • Wildlife biodiversity
  • Youth organizing
Population Groups
  • Children and youth
  • Economically disadvantaged people
  • Extremely poor people
  • Homeless people
  • Low-income and poor people
  • Seniors

Financial Data

Year ended 2014-12-31

Assets: $712,449,077 (market value)

Expenditures: $41,357,211

Total giving: $25,214,769

Qualifying distributions: $34,594,625

Giving activities include:

$649,390 for 2 foundation-administered programs

$341,524 for 1 loan/program-related investment