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Life Sciences Research Foundation


Last profile update: 07/22/2016
Last grant data update: 01/31/2018

At A Glance

Life Sciences Research Foundation

3520 San Martin Dr.

Baltimore, MD United States 21218-2440

Telephone: (410) 467-2597


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation






Changed status to a private foundation in 1984 in MD - The Life Sciences Research Foundation was founded to provide an alternative to the usual forms of corporate support for research in academic institutions. Most companies have primarily supported research projects with some prospects for short term commercial application. Now, by means of its Peer Review Committee and the overview provided by its Founding Board, the foundation offers donors an inexpensive and professionally grounded means for directing aid to individuals based solely on their merit. The sponsors have no say in choosing the fellows nor in targeting their research project

Purpose and Activities

Three-year fellowships will be awarded on a competitive basis to graduates of medical and graduate schools in the biological sciences holding M.D., Ph.D., D.V.M. or D.D.S. degrees. Awards will be based solely on the quality of the individual applicant's previous accomplishments, and on the merit of the proposal for postdoctoral research. Persons doing a second postdoc are eligible only if they are transferring to a different supervisor's laboratory and embarking on a new project not connected to their previous research. All U.S. citizens are eligible to apply with no geographic restriction on the laboratory of their choice. Foreign applicants will be eligible for study in U.S. laboratories. LSRF fellows must carry out their research at nonprofit institutions. LSRF fellows can change projects, laboratories, and/or institutions during the fellowship as long as the eligibility rules listed here are not violated. A person holding a faculty appointment is not eligible to apply for an LSRF fellowship. .