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The Frederick H. Leonhardt Foundation, Inc.


Last profile update: 05/26/2017
Last grant data update: 11/28/2017

At A Glance

The Frederick H. Leonhardt Foundation, Inc.

(also known as FHL Foundation, Inc.)

P.O. Box 27650

Albuquerque, NM United States 87125-7650

Telephone: (505) 247-2400


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation

Additional Descriptor






Established in 1953; incorporated in 1954 in NY; reorganized in 1989 - The foundation was incorporated in the state of New York on August 18, 1953. On April 25, 1955, the foundation received its IRS ruling letter establishing the foundation as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charitable organization. Frederick Henry Leonhardt (Fritz), an organic chemist who spent many years working in the essential oils, flavors, and fragrances industry, established the foundation as the philanthropic extension to his company, Fritzsche Brothers. Fritz wanted to bring the philosophy of the Fritzsche Brothers corporate culture to the world of philanthropy. The Fritzsche Brothers corporate philosophy embraced the idea that technological advance should always support people in their attempts to create local and geographically embodied forms of home and belonging. As an example, in the late 1880's, Fritzsche brothers added one of the first "rope and pulley" elevators to its physical plant as it also added women to its workforce (both unheard of at the time). To work at the Fritzsche Brothers was to work for the "Fritzsche family." Fritz insisted that in addition to having ideal working conditions, every member of the Fritzsche family should enjoy as much security and protection as is financially possible for the firm to provide. Fritz's wife, Anna M. Leonhardt (Peggy), served as the foundation's first president. Fritz created the foundation as a way "improving the physical, mental, and moral condition of mankind by voluntarily rendering aid to religious, charitable, and educational institutions" (quoting from the original certificate of incorporation). After Fritz and Peggy passed away, their children, Frederick Junior and Dorothea, spent many years involved with the foundation. Today, Frederick H. Leonhardt II (Fritz's namesake) is carrying on the philanthropic tradition started by Fritz and Peggy over fifty years ago. Although much has changed in fifty years, the foundation preserves the legacy of Fritz and Peggy, Fritzsche Brothers, and the entire Leonhardt family. The foundation endeavors to carry on the work of Fritz Leonhardt to provide for increased levels of security and protection for individuals, families, and communities by using attachment theory as a guide to its grantmaking activities. In addition, the foundation brings the Fritzsche corporate culture to the world of philanthropy by maintaining a focus on appropriately using technology to balance the delicate ecology of commerce and culture

Purpose and Activities

Explicitly promotes attachment theory as a guiding principle toward understanding and solving societal problems. Focus areas include attachment research, education, and services. Limited support for umbrella organizations and for university pass through programs.