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Kalliopeia Foundation


Last Updated: 2016-09-07

At A Glance

Kalliopeia Foundation

P.O. Box 151020

San Rafael, CA United States 94915-1020


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation

Financial Data

(yr. ended 2014-12-31)

Assets: $86,378,642

Total giving: $7,436,228






Established in 1997 in CA

Purpose and Activities

Kalliopeia Foundation works to create a future where universal spiritual values form the foundation of how we care for our common home. Established in 1997, Kalliopeia Foundation responds to the critical issues of our time by supporting ecological renewal informed by spiritual awareness, and by contributing to a culture that attends to the soul as well as the soil. To accomplish its mission, it provides financial resources to U.S.-based organizations and projects whose work is rooted in inter-connectedness, empathy, stewardship, service, and reverence for nature, and who are implementing these foundational values into projects with the potential to create lasting change. .

Program Area(s)

The grantmaker has identified the following area(s) of interest:

Fostering a Global Consciousness of Oneness

The foundation supports projects that bring together the voices of those who are inspired to create, express and define an emerging consciousness of oneness through many areas of human endeavor including, but not limited to: new media, arts and culture, education, healing, the interface of science and spirituality, early childhood practices, youth networks, economics, and through wisdom teachings that can bring this awareness into the fabric of everyday life.

Indigenous Cultures

The foundation funds organizations led from within Native American communities that protect and strengthen their lifeways and worldviews. It values projects that are safeguarding traditional knowledge, cultivating culturally-grounded leadership, and revitalizing and preserving Indigenous languages. The majority of its grant support goes to several Native-led 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations who distribute funds to a broad range of mostly grassroots projects throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. By Native-led, the foundation means that it focuses on supporting projects whose leadership and governance are primarily Indigenous. The foundation doesn't make grants directly to federally recognized tribes or IRS section 7871 tribal organizations.


The foundation funds media projects that tell stories in support of its mission and grantmaking program areas. It believes good storytelling has the power to connect it to universal values and that stories are an integral component of how it responds to the critical issues of our time. The foundation is interested in both traditional and emerging media projects that can be used as tools to inspire and effect change. It makes project support grants for media projects that have a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or a 501(c)(3) nonprofit fiscal sponsor. Grant amounts range from $5,000 to $75,000, depending on the size and reach of the project. It is interested in supporting many types of media, including but not limited to: feature documentary films, short documentary films, television, radio, podcasts, print (primarily digital), photography, and multimedia projects. It funds film projects already in production that have reached the stage where selected scenes, trailers, teasers, etc., can be reviewed.

Nurturing the Inner Life

The program supports projects that work with people in ways that promote not only positive change but also holistic transformation, through which individuals can touch or return to their essential nature. The foundation is interested in projects that create communities characterized by healing, creativity, and authenticity, and which hold at the center an abiding respect for the oneness at the heart of life. It is particularly supportive of work with underserved communities. Promoting a transformation within mainstream culture and institutions, the foundation supports projects that recognize the need to nourish the spirit and heart, as well as the mind and body, in order to live out one’s deepest and most authentic vision of life. It is the foundation's belief that programs that nurture the essence of the human being can best prepare us for life in a globally interconnected world where survival depends upon respect for all life.

Program-Related Investment

Soul in Society

The foundation supports organizations across all aspects of society that are restoring respect for human dignity within our systems and institutions. It values projects that offer practical tools for social and personal transformation, especially for underserved communities. It tends to focus on segments of society that have been marginalized or underserved, and have supported work with prison rehabilitation, veterans, education, at-risk youth, medicine, leadership, and rites-of-passage.

Special Projects

From time to time, the foundation takes on special projects outside of the regular grantmaking projects. Currently there is one: Their full support of The Global Oneness Project grows from a need to better understand what oneness means to people from different walks of life around the world, and how the foundation might further develop their programming based on what they learn.

Spiritual Ecology

The foundation funds organizations whose work supports a way of life that is in harmony with the earth as a living whole. It values projects that are joining ecological renewal with the awareness of the sacred within creation, and offer practical solutions in response to the current environmental crisis. Spiritual Ecology is an emerging field that calls for responses to environmental issues that include spiritual awareness and/or practice. Spiritual Ecology is rooted in the understanding that resolving such complex issues as depletion of species, climate change, and over-consumption, requires examining and reassessing our underlying attitudes and beliefs about the earth, and our spiritual as well as physical responsibilities toward the planet. The foundation is interested in projects from a wide range of fields and focus areas, including but not limited to: agriculture, ecology, law, and medicine.

Fields of Interest

  • Climate change
  • Spirituality
Population Groups
  • Children and youth
  • Economically disadvantaged people
  • Low-income and poor people

Financial Data

Year ended 2014-12-31

Assets: $86,378,642 (market value)

Gifts received: $12,350,515

Expenditures: $9,983,533

Total giving: $7,436,228

Qualifying distributions: $9,333,218