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Industrial Relations Counselors, Inc.


Last Updated: 2016-06-08

At A Glance

Industrial Relations Counselors, Inc.

(doing business as Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources)

(formerly IRC)

(also known as IRC4HR)

P.O. Box 330

Chatham, NJ United States 07928

Telephone: 1-401-472-4470


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation

Additional Descriptor

  • Non-grantmaker

Financial Data

(yr. ended 2015-04-30)

Assets: $9,960,637

Total giving: $214,000






Established in 1926; Industrial Relations Counselors, Inc. (IRC) was established in 1926, with funds provided by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., to promote positive employment relationships and advances in human resources management through consulting, research, and education. A fifteen-month coal miners' strike in southern Colorado during 1913-1914 culminated in a battle between state militia and strikers, resulting in the strikers' tent colony being burned to the ground and the death of a dozen women and children. The mine was owned by the Rockefeller family and the tragic event is commonly known as the Ludlow Massacre. Out of this grueling experience, John D. Rockefeller, Jr. became a life-long advocate for the cause of promoting more effective and harmonious employment relationships through better methods of human resource management. One tangible result was his decision in 1922 to fund the creation of a management consulting section in the law firm of Curtis, Fosdick, and Belknap. In 1926, he transformed this consulting section into a wholly separate non-profit consulting and research organization, called Industrial Relations Counselors (IRC), Inc. IRC was among the first employment/human resource consulting and research organizations created in the United States with a founding mission to "advance the knowledge and practice of human relationships in industry, commerce, education, government, and other non-governmental organizations."

Purpose and Activities

The foundation's mission is to advance the knowledge and practice of human relationships in industry, commerce, education, government, and nongovernmental organizations. The foundation funds research on all aspects of HR management and the employment relationship, with a focus on addressing current issues and exploring emerging trends. The foundation seeks to fund academically-sound studies that generate practical results and that can be generalized across industries and organizations. In the spirit of Mr. Rockefeller's original vision, IRC (now operating as Innovation Resource Center for Human Resources - IRC4HR) seeks to make organizations more competitive, productive, and effective through improved people management practices, and to advance the mutually beneficial interests of organizations, workers, and society. We continue to accomplish this by sponsoring research and enabling communities of practitioners, academics, and public policy makers to identify issues and share knowledge all focused on promoting a more successful and engaging workplace.

Fields of Interest

  • Business and industry
  • Business education
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • Economics
  • Job creation and workforce development
  • Labor studies
  • Leadership development
  • Organized labor
  • Pensions
  • Psychology and behavioral science
  • Public policy
  • Social enterprise

Financial Data

Year ended 2015-04-30

Assets: $9,960,637 (market value)

Expenditures: $531,301

Total giving: $214,000

Qualifying distributions: N/A

Giving activities include:

$214,000 for 1 grant

Estimated financial data for year ending 2016-04-30:

Assets: $9,500,000

Grants: $102,500