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The David B. Gold Foundation


Last Updated: 2016-07-28

At A Glance

The David B. Gold Foundation

44 Montgomery St., Ste. 3750

San Francisco, CA United States 94104-4826

Telephone: (415) 288-9530


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation

Additional Descriptor

  • Family foundation

Financial Data

(yr. ended 2014-12-31)

Assets: $107,448,863

Total giving: $4,744,800






Established in 1992 in CA. The foundation is winding down. It has ceased grant making and is no longer accepting proposals for funding.

Purpose and Activities

Giving primarily for: 1) children, youth and families, particularly to support early childhood development programs, promote enrichment programs for school age youth, reduce domestic violence, improve the welfare of children, and to help prevent teen parenthood; 2) the environment, particularly to reduce toxic emissions, preserve open space, and promote sustainable energy policy; 3) democratic values, 4) and Jewish culture.

Program Area(s)

The grantmaker has identified the following area(s) of interest:

Children, Youth, and Families

The foundation supports programs that promote the well-being of young people (birth to age 21) and provide them with opportunities to be responsible and caring people. The foundation focuses on the following goals: in the Children, Youth, and Families Program areas: 1) Support Early Childhood Development Programs--The foundation supports programs that advocate for and/or demonstrate best practices in the field of early childhood development; 2) Promote Enrichment Programs for School Age Youth--The foundation supports enrichment programs that promote the well-being of youth, including healthy living, academic enrichment, literacy, life skills, environmental education, sports, and recreational opportunities; 3) Reduce Domestic Violence--The foundation supports direct service and advocacy programs that work to prevent domestic violence and teen dating violence. It funds intervention programs, including domestic violence shelters and services for child witnesses of domestic violence; 4) Improve the Welfare of Children--The foundation supports programs that focus on the welfare of foster youth, homeless youth, and runaway youth by providing advocacy, family support, housing, mental health services, job skills development, mentoring programs or access to high quality education; and 5) Help Prevent Teen Parenthood--The foundation supports direct service and advocacy programs that encourage delaying parenthood until adulthood, by providing comprehensive reproductive education and services to young people.

Democratic Values

The foundation supports programs that foster a respect for basic democratic principles, including integrity in government, separation of church and state, protection of civil liberties, and the right to privacy.


The foundation is committed to protecting natural resources, improving the quality of the environment, and promoting environmental stewardship. It supports programs that work to reduce toxic emissions and waste, preserve open space, and educate the community about conservation and other environmental issues. Focus areas are: 1) Reduce Toxic Emissions--The foundation supports organizations with a demonstrated record of effectiveness in working to strengthen environmental laws that reduce toxic emissions into the air, on the ground, and in the water; 2) Preserve Open Space--The foundation supports programs that acquire undeveloped land for future use as public space; and 3) Promote Sustainable Energy Policy--The foundation supports programs that advocate for a sustainable energy future, including reducing dependency on fossil fuels and encouraging the use of alternative sustainable energy sources.

Jewish Culture

The foundation supports programs that foster an understanding and appreciation of Jewish culture.

Fields of Interest

  • Child abuse
  • Family planning
  • Judaism
  • Natural resources
  • Youth development
Population Groups
  • Academics
  • Children and youth
  • Economically disadvantaged people
  • Low-income and poor people
  • Students

Financial Data

Year ended 2014-12-31

Assets: $107,448,863 (market value)

Expenditures: $6,292,910

Total giving: $4,744,800

Qualifying distributions: $5,431,818

Giving activities include:

$4,744,800 for 151 grants (high: $300,000; low: $1,000)