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Morris Goldseker Foundation of Maryland, Inc.


Last profile update: 04/12/2017
Last grant data update: 03/02/2018

At A Glance

Morris Goldseker Foundation of Maryland, Inc.

(also known as Goldseker Foundation)

1040 Park Ave., Ste. 310

Baltimore, MD United States 21201-5635

Telephone: (410) 837-5100


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation






Incorporated in 1973 in MD - Mr. Goldseker, an immigrant to the United States from Poland, founded and was president of the M. Goldseker Co., a real estate firm in Baltimore. The Goldseker will suggests that the foundation give special consideration to charitable organizations which, by loans or grants or other steps, give aid and encouragement to worthy individuals to continue their education, establish themselves in business, overcome such adversities as accident or illness, or maintain or support themselves or their families. The trustees of the foundation, Sheldon and Simon Goldseker, are nephews of the donor. As Mr. Goldseker stipulated in his will, the trustees control the foundation's assets, but all grant decisions are made solely by the selection committee composed of the presidents of the Johns Hopkins University, Morgan State University, and the Associated Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore. All decisions on grant proposals are made within a framework of clearly defined policies. At the discretion of the committee and board, these policies may be subject to modification in response to changing needs and problems in the Baltimore metropolitan area. In accordance with the donor's will, the foundation may not award more than 5 percent of its net income in any calendar year to any single institution. The foundation retains a full-time professional staff to serve as liaison among the board of trustees, the selection committee, and the community at large. The staff is responsible for regularly informing the public of the foundation's policies, priorities, and ongoing grantmaking activities.

Purpose and Activities

In 2000, the Goldseker Foundation's Board of Trustees and its Selection Committee adopted a two-track approach to grantmaking. This approach designates priority areas that build on existing experience and investments, but it also retains the ability to respond to new ideas and opportunities within the established program areas. The foundation's grantmaking funds will focus on the first-track priority areas. In these areas - community development, regionalism, and the nonprofit sector - the foundation will be a more directly engaged and active partner. The existing grantmaking policies apply to the priority areas. Grants will include a mix of foundation initiatives and projects submitted independently by potential grantees. The second track focuses on the foundation's established program areas: neighborhood development, community affairs, human services, and education.