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Helene Fuld Health Trust


Last profile update: 05/26/2018
Last grant data update: 05/25/2018

At A Glance

Helene Fuld Health Trust

95 Washington St., Atrium 1N

Buffalo, NY United States 14203-2885

Telephone: (212) 525-2418

Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation






Trust established in 1951 in NJ; activated in 1969 as successor to Helene Fuld Health Foundation; incorporated in 1935 - In 1935, Dr. Leonhard Felix Fuld and his sister, Florentine, contributed $5,000 each to create a foundation to honor the memory of their mother, Helene Shwab Fuld, who had died in 1923. Born in New York City in 1893, Dr. Fuld attended Columbia University, from which he received his bachelor's degree, law degree, and doctorate. Although he worked as an editor, civil servant, and securities analyst, his lifelong passion was public health and sanitation. The Fuld Foundation's assets grew geometrically - from $4.8 million in 1952, to more than $35 million in 1965. In 1961, Dr. Fuld - concerned that the foundation continue after his death or incapacity - decided that he would eventually turn the assets over to a charitable trust to be known as the Helene Fuld Health Trust. Four years after his death in 1965, the trust was established with Marine Midland Bank as sole trustee. Marine Midland's name was changed to HSBC Bank USA in 1999

Purpose and Activities

The primary mission of the trust is to support and promote the health, welfare, and education of student nurses. The first priority of the trust is financial aid to nursing students. Acknowledging the increased complexity of and sophisticated knowledge required for health care delivery, the trust will give preference to programs that offer BSN degrees and higher. The trust will seek opportunities to establish endowed scholarships for students in baccalaureate programs at selected nursing schools through an invitational process. The trust will continue to award grants to leading nursing schools and other organizations which undertake innovative programs designed to develop and expand the professional and leadership skills of nursing students, faculty, and administration.