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Lloyd A. Fry Foundation


Last Updated: 2016-07-29

At A Glance

Lloyd A. Fry Foundation

120 S. LaSalle St., Ste. 1950

Chicago, IL United States 60603-3419

Telephone: (312) 580-0310


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation

Additional Descriptor

  • Celebrity: Business

Financial Data

(yr. ended 2015-06-30)

Assets: $181,139,336

Total giving: $7,326,755






Established in 1959 in IL - Founded by the late Lloyd A. Fry, who established the Lloyd A. Fry Roofing Company in Chicago in 1933. The company grew to eventually become the world's largest producer of asphalt roofing products with more than 50 asphalt refineries and roofing plants across the country.

Purpose and Activities

The foundation supports organizations with the strength and commitment to address persistent problems of urban Chicago resulting from poverty, violence, ignorance and despair. The foundation seeks to build the capacity of individuals and the systems that serve them. The vision is of a Chicago that offers education, prosperity, and hope for all.

Program Area(s)

The grantmaker has identified the following area(s) of interest:

Arts Learning

Focus is on programs for low-income Chicago children and youth that use the arts as a means to improve learning and provide life-enriching experiences. The foundation is interested in efforts to improve the quality and expand the availability of arts education programs, especially in Chicago public schools. The foundation considers support for arts education for students and professional development for arts educators. Priority is given to arts education programs that provide a combination of arts instruction, performance or exhibition experience, and interaction with professional artists and arts educators. The foundation is also interested in proposals to convene experts to share information, facilitate discussion with arts educators, and help shape and strengthen arts education in Chicago public schools. The foundation is also interested in teacher-training programs that immerse educators in the practice and study of the arts and present teachers with innovative strategies for teaching the arts, engaging students in the creative process, and asessing student progress. .


Interest in education relates to improving public education and expanding opportunities for inner-city youth in Chicago. Teacher professional development, school leadership development, academic enrichment, and college preparation are among the activities they support. The foundation also considers grant requests for policy advocacy where the connection to academic achievement is clear. Priority is given to programs that measure improvements to academic achievement or instructional quality. Proposals that enhance the quality of programs are also welcomed. Generally, unsolicited proposals from individual schools are not considered, More information is available on the foundation website.


The Employment Program addresses the foundation's commitment to helping families and individuals move out of poverty. The program supports employment programs that help low-income individuals build the knowledge and skills necessary to find and keep jobs. The foundation is particularly interested in programs that help individuals improve their potential to advance to living-wage jobs and careers. Grants are made to projects that focus on: employment-related literacy and English as a Second Language; employment assistance programs that offer pre-employment, job placement and job retention services; and vocational training connected to growing industries. The foundation encourages proposals for efforts to build the capacity of organizations to deliver high-quality employment services. The foundation also welcomes proposals for policy advocacy efforts to improve the quality of education and training programs and to increase access to education and training for low-income adults.


Focus is on improving access to quality care for Chicago's low-income residents. Provides support for primary health care services, community health outreach activities, advocacy, and prevention-based health education programming to Chicago's underserved neighborhoods and communities. Priroity is given to research-based initiatives that incorporate health education, early disease detection, and treatment interventions for chronic diseases (such as asthma, diabetes, HIV/AIDS and hypertension); enroll families into government-subsidized health insurance programs (such as All Kids, Family Care, Medicaid and Medicare); include strategic partnerships between a health system and community-based organizations; focus on linguistically and culturally competent programs for limited-English speaking immigrants; and improve knowledge and practice in the health field. The foundation will consider programs operated by non-profit community service organizations, community health centers, hospitals, and policy advocacy organizations. Programs must demonstrate the ability to measure improvements in access to care and health status within an accessible, culturally and linguistically completent environment.

Fields of Interest

  • Arts and culture
  • Education
  • Elementary education
  • Employment
  • Health
  • Immigrant services
  • Secondary education
Population Groups
  • Academics
  • Adults
  • At-risk youth
  • Children
  • Children and youth
  • Economically disadvantaged people
  • Ethnic and racial groups
  • Female adults
  • Female children and youth
  • Female young adults
  • Females
  • Immigrants
  • Low-income and poor people
  • Male adults
  • Male children and youth
  • Male young adults
  • Males
  • People of African descent
  • People of Asian descent
  • People of Latin American descent
  • People with HIV/AIDS
  • Students
  • Young adults

Financial Data

Year ended 2015-06-30

Assets: $181,139,336 (market value)

Expenditures: $9,795,702

Total giving: $7,326,755

Qualifying distributions: $9,045,275

Giving activities include:

$7,326,755 for 334 grants (high: $125,000; low: $250)