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Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, Inc.


Last Updated: 2016-05-11

At A Glance

Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, Inc.

420 Lexington Ave., Ste. 2331

New York City, NY United States 10170-2332

Telephone: (212) 972-2800


Type of Grantmaker

Independent foundation

Additional Descriptor

  • Family foundation

Financial Data

(yr. ended 2014-12-31)

Assets: $49,029,682

Total giving: $1,279,708






Incorporated in 1917 in NY - Cleveland H. Dodge was an official of the Phelps Dodge Corporation, founded in 1832 by his great-grandfather, Anson Phelps, and his grandfather, William E. Dodge. Phelps Dodge was a leading copper mining corporation, and as such, its product was in great demand for making armaments. Therefore, in 1917 its profits soared. Stating his desire not to benefit personally from war profits, Dodge set up the foundation with the very general proviso that its income should be used "for the betterment of mankind", but precluded giving to health care and medical research organizations, since he felt that money for these was "already available from other sources." After Dodge died in 1926, his son Cleveland E. Dodge became president of the foundation and it is now headed by his great-grandson, William D. Rueckert.

Purpose and Activities

The purpose of the foundation is to promote the well-being of mankind throughout the world. Grants for a selected list of international organizations in the Near East, including those working toward reversing global overpopulation; grants also to a selected few national agencies in the U.S., the balance directed to organizations located in New York City. Most grants in the U.S. for higher and secondary education, youth agencies and child welfare, and cultural programs.

Program Area(s)

The grantmaker has identified the following area(s) of interest:

Matching Gifts Program

Matching gifts are made to qualified institutions which have received donations from direct descendants of Cleveland H. Dodge. Under Plan A of the program, the chosen heads of fourteen family units are responsible for distributing a total of funds not to exceed $8,000 per year to match gifts made by members of each unit. Plan B provides for the foundation to contribute $2 for each dollar donated to an organization under the following circumstances: 1) the descendant's personal minimum gift to be matched is $250; and 2) the descendant who makes the gift is or has been actively engaged as a volunteer in the affairs of the recipient institution within the last 12 months. The total matching amount of Plan B to be granted by the foundation shall not exceed $250,000 in the calendar year. In case applications come to more than $250,000, the grants and amounts to be matched will be determined by the Executive Committee, using the same procedures and guidelines applied to consideration of special grants.

Fields of Interest

  • Arts and culture
  • Child welfare
  • Education
  • Higher education
  • Human services
  • Population studies
  • Secondary education
International Interests
  • Middle East
Population Groups
  • Academics
  • Children and youth
  • Students

Financial Data

Year ended 2014-12-31

Assets: $49,029,682 (market value)

Expenditures: $2,073,453

Total giving: $1,279,708

Qualifying distributions: $1,753,530