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Candid’s Foundation Directory delivers quality funding prospects. Since 90% of U.S. foundations do not have websites, the insights you need to find funders will not be discovered via standard search engines. You need up-to-date, in-depth information to reach the philanthropists that want to support your mission.

Is this funder a good match?

Get comprehensive information about foundations and other grantmakers.

Grantmaker profiles provide a powerful summary overview of the funder's work along with all the pertinent details fundraisers need to find and approach great prospects.

With information on more than 303,000+ grantmakers, Candid’s Foundation Directory can help you find the funders you don't know yet. The majority of these grantmakers do not have websites and would otherwise be almost impossible to find.

The data in Foundation Directory is compiled from IRS Forms 990 and 990-PF, grantmaker websites, annual reports, printed application guidelines, the philanthropic press, and various other sources. Candid's staff continually monitor countless data sources to verify that our information is up to date.

Our team is also in frequent communication with grantmakers nationwide. Hundreds of funders from the US (and around the world) share their grants data with us directly so we can quickly update Foundation Directory without having to wait for the IRS to release the latest Forms 990.

Grantmaker Profiles include:

  • Private & independent foundations
  • Corporate foundations
  • U.S. Federal funders
  • Public charities
  • International foundations

Leverage foundation data visualization tools

A better perspective on foundation activity.

With helpful maps and charts, you can quickly identify giving trends to see if a grantmaker is likely to give in your geographic area or in your field in the upcoming year.

  • What is Being Funded? Gives you a quick visual reference of a grantmaker's giving activity by subject area so you can see their actual giving.
  • Where is the Money Going? Especially useful for finding national and regional funders, shows the geographic distribution of a grantmaker's funding at different levels, such as state, county, or city, so you can decide how likely they are to fund you.
  • How Big are the Grants? Useful for giving you a quick guide on the number of grants broken out by amount. This graph provides guidance on how much to request from a funder.

Identify more potential funders

How to use grant insights to discover more prospects.

Open RFPs are less than 1% of the funding opportunities, look to grants information to identify funders who are more likely to support your cause. Detailed grant information, including recipients, descriptions, and types of support, helps you determine which funders are most likely to fund your work, how much to request, and what to highlight in a grant proposal.

This data helps you better understand a foundation and its giving priorities and helps answer questions such as:

  • What kinds of organizations does the foundation give to?
  • How much funding goes to organizations similar to yours?
  • How can you stand out? Which areas of your organization should you highlight and what weaknesses can you pre-emptively address?

Connect with funders and build your network

How to connect with a funder from their grantmaker profile.

The Who’s Who section on a grantmaker’s profile gives you a list of staff and affiliations within this organization. Navigate to the Who’s Who section of the grantmaker’s profile to see if you are already connected through LinkedIn – indicated with a blue LinkedIn icon next to the person’s name.

Foundation Directory’s built-in LinkedIn integration allows you to see who can help you make a connection. Learn the names of people and companies that serve as board members, trustees, and donors, so you can plan and build the relationships that will be most useful for your organization.

Recipient Profiles

A smarter way to prospect for grantmakers.

Recipient profiles provide insights and data to understand the fundraising opportunities based on the successes of similar organizations. Tap into these insights to help shape your prospecting strategy. You may discover a grantmaker not on your radar!


Organize your prospect research.

My FDO enables you to keep track of your prospect research. This is where you will access saved searches, favorites, tags and alerts. You can also use the Assessment Tool to evaluate funders and keep track of the tasks associated with prospecting and applying for grants.

Features include:

  • Assessment Tool: Guides you through step-by-step evaluation to see if a funder is a good match for your project.
  • Dashboard: View a snapshot of your current foundation fundraising efforts that you add to My FDO.
  • My FDO: Access your saved searches, Tags, Alerts and Favorite Grantmakers.
  • Projects: Organize your fundraising efforts into projects and track your progress.
  • Prospects: See your comprehensive history with a funder, including current and historical grant proposals, amounts awarded, associated projects, communication and contacts, and notes.
  • Grant Proposals: Track details related to a grant proposal including a description of the grant, the associated project, financial information, and any additional information.
  • Contacts: Manage your relationships with funders by accessing their contact information and tracking your communication history.
  • Tasks: Manage any items needed to secure a grant; assign tasks, manage deadlines, track progress, and write comments.

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